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· At the 30th anniversary of Chinese Building Decoration Association, Decai Decoration wins more honor 2014-12-15
· Business talent of Decai Decoration—seizing the chance: series enterprise report of Chinese Building Paper:Decai Decoration 2014-12-14
· More honors---6 projects of Decai Decoration win the 2013-2014 national building project prize 2014-11-20
· Decai Decoration was granted the Level A certification of design for safety technology 2014-11-12
· The meeting for establishment of Party Branch was held successfully 2014-11-11
· Decai Decoration ranks top14, and keep leading the development of the industry 2014-11-8
· Mr Ye Decai takes part in Qingdao Municipal Political consultative Conference and makes the proposal of “going-out” to the chairman Wang Shujian 2014-11-5
· Looking forward into the future and seek development—Decai Decoration hold the third management meeting 2014-10-27
· Director of Bureau of quality and technology supervision of Shinan District visited Decai 2014-10-22
· Low-carbon life -----Decai Environment protection activity 2014-10-20
· Seek great development , propose to going out---YE Decai took part in the working meeting of Chinese Building Decoration Meeting 2014-10-18
· Decai Decoration implemented the strategy of going out successfully 2014-10-17
· Zheng Jinsheng, vice chairman of people’s consult meeting visited Decai 2014-10-16
· 2014 Annual national construction project decoration prize and technology innovation summarizing meeting 2014-10-15
· Great achievement in garden and ancient building market 2014-10-14
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